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The Non Commercial Sustaining Announcement/Public Education Program provides non-profit organizations and government agencies with a unique opportunity to deliver important educational messages to citizens across a state, region or the country.

Each month, thousands of NCSA/PEP campaign messages are aired on radio and TV stations, educating viewers and listeners in large and small communities,

and providing sponsoring organizations with significant returns on their investment.

Qualified campaigns can be aired in individual states, or on a regional or nationwide basis. NCSA/PEP programs are operated by every state broadcasters association in the country and the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations (NASBA) can help coordinate multi-state or national campaigns.

For more information on getting YOUR message out, please contact Mark Gordon at NASBA, or contact your state representative by selecting your state from “Details in Your State” above.

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1. Multiply Your Media Budget

Every NCSA/PEP program multiplies your budget by at least three times—and it’s often much more.

2. More Clout with Stations

Radio and TV stations are deluged with requests for PSAs. NCSA/PEP programs make sure your message gets airtime.


3. Documentable Results

Airtime reports are generated each quarter, showing the value of the airtime given to your message and where it aired in the state.


4. Statewide Distribution

Affiliation with your state broadcasters association means your message is distributed to radio and TV stations in the entire state.


5. Various Airtimes

NCSA/PEP spots normally run 7 days a weeks across all dayparts.

6. Finite Time Period

NCSA/PEP campaigns have a definite beginning and end date.

  • ” I have had numerous people tell me that they have heard our spot on the radio or seen it on TV. We are absolutely tickled with how much the spots have been aired. In our caller survey, we asked how the caller heard about us, and TV and Radio were both very high – the highest they have been since we started recording this data. I am confident that PEP is driving those numbers. Thanks again for being an advocate to get us in the program. I hope we have the opportunity to work together for years to come! ”

    Charleigh Elebash South Carolina 811

  • Thank you, again, for your assistance on our radio spots for the No Free Ride if You Provide campaign. We’ve received so many comments from all across the state about their quality and the times during the day that they’ve been heard – a clear indication that working with the Nebraska Broadcasters Association and the Public Education Program was a wise decision for our organization’s efforts.

    Nicole Carritt, MPHExecutive Director, Project Extra Mile

  • ““We have found our participation in PEP to be very beneficial. The air play we receive far exceeds the three-to-one guarantee. We receive between 90 and 100 inquiries on our web site and hotline each year from people who say they heard about us through television or radio (PEP) announcements.”

    Connie Chance Rogers, Alabama Family ServicesProgram Manager, Office of Adoption

  • “Our advertising agency has a twelve-year NCSA/PEP relationship with all of the state broadcasters associations. Through the NCSA/PEP program, we obtain year-round TV and radio exposure for our federal government clients. Broadcast advertising would be very limited without those partnerships.”

    Chris LaughlinPresident, LM&O Advertising

  • “We have found the program is the most affordable way to reach a broad audience with life-saving information. Our Board and members are very impressed with the reach and airtime return on our investment in this program.”

    Molly M. HallExecutive Director, Illinois Energy Education Council